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Entrepreneur & Design Leader

helping NGOs, startups and tech companies.

10+ years of expertise in Product Strategy, Research, User Experience, Interaction Design, and Conversation Design.

Technology-driven solutions for social issues

Product designer specializing in low-code development and product lifecycle management.

Need chatbot, voicebot, mobile, web, analytics, dashboard, e-commerce, CRM, Saas, B2B or B2C product? You’ve got me! ??

Driving digital transformation

Services designed for you

Roadmap for Conversation AI

You want to create a bot that will automate the customer experience, but you don’t know where to begin. This kickstart includes: roadmap phases, costs, schedule, architectural and flow designs, platforms, and requirements.

Conversational Interaction Design

You are clear about what you want to build, and you need someone to translate your ideas into a final design. You can count on me to develop the features you need as well as the scripts to assist your clients with their problems.

Product Interaction Review

There’s a product you’ve had for a while, but it doesn’t seem to be popular? I will provide you with an in-depth report about where your product is failing, how to mitigate friction, and features to help you improve user interaction.

Product Strategy 

My role is to advise and assist early stage businesses in validating ideas and launching their digital products. In my approach, I research and conduct extensive testing to verify core assumptions and build features that are useful for rapid growth.

Design Systems

Your app or platform has thousands of pages and screens, and you are having trouble managing and timing it. The role I play is to help you manage and unify it, create and develop a cross-functional workflow, and achieve visual consistency.

Visual and Multimedia

By establishing a great brand, you will gain the trust of your audience, increase awareness, boost sales and be able to stand out from the crowd. This includes all forms of visual work, including social media, branding, illustration, and more.

We hired Juno to design a publication on women environmental defenders and structural violence based on a similar project she had worked on. She carefully listened to what we wanted, asked the right questions, was detail-oriented throughout the process, delivered drafts within the agreed upon deadlines, was patient with our internal review process, and came up with a final result that responded to our needs and that our team was happy with.

Rani RobelusCommunication Strategist, GAGGA

Juno skills in UX and UI are really impressive. She has a great commitment in the projects she worked on, as well, that gave us great results in our expectations. and has performed very well and has generated efficient solutions in the development of the Design System. She has high level of skills and she really loves what she does. She enjoy working in team of people and I would recommend companies to have her working with them.

Enrique Juan de DiosSoftware Engineer, Interbank

Juno helped me organize my business ideas and add structure in areas I didn't know how to address. She is clear in explaining her processes in easy to understand words; understanding the steps and their reasons helped me commit to proceeding in a new manner in order to achieve new outcomes. As a small business owner, it can be hard to find support for things like UX and UI, but Juno made her services very accessible and applicable to my needs.

Samantha MoodyFounder of Growing Presence

Trabajamos con Juno para el diseño de varios materiales de comunicación, entre ellos un Policy Brief sobre recomendaciones a la Unión Europea sobre Defensores en América Latina y un folleto y póster sobre la Impunidad en el feminicidio. Ha sido un placer trabajar con ella, hemos valorado especialmente su propuesta creativa y también su flexibilidad y capacidad de adaptación a las necesidades de nuestra organización. Es una profesional con talento y mucha dedicación.

Rosa LlobregatEU-LAT Advocacy Network

Juno tiene mucha experiencia en UX, acepta retos, tiene iniciativas, es capaz de tener varias responsabilidades sin perder los objetivos del negocio, en Interbank Juno se echó al hombro dos proyectos grandes, trabajando en un design system testeando con usuario finales, teniendo propuestas innovadoras tanto para la comunicación y gestión de recursos entre ambos proyectos. Ha sido grato trabajar con Juno porque siempre supera los objetivos planteados.

Grizzly HuacchaSoftware Engineer, Avantica

Juno es una profesional talentosa, excepcional persona y cumplida con el cronograma. Tres aspectos que juntos son invalorables para cumplir a tiempo los planes de trabajo. Se preocupa por los detalles sin perder de vista el objetivo global de comunicación. Aporta y desarrolla el concepto, no es una mera hacedora. Tiene una sensibilidad especial, tuvo la visión de desarrollar productos de alto impacto.

Carmen BarrantesCoordinator Of Communications for Latin America, Terre des Hommes Suisse

Judith es una excelente profesional. He trabajado con ella en el proyecto de Chatbot de Remitee y es una profesional del UX/UI con una metodología de trabajo impecable que permite obtener los mejores resultados e insights, beneficiando al usuario y también al producto. Es muy puntual con las entregas y se preocupa por validar y obtener información de valor de los usuarios y stakeholders, un enfoque que se traduce en los resultados de su trabajo.

Marlis MejíasChief Business Officer, Dynamic Devs

Trabajé con Juno para el proyecto del app Mi Claro, es una capa para el diseño de interfaces y la ilustración. Es una diseñadora comprometida con su chamba y con harta atención al detalle.

Sergio MitsunagaUX Manager, Claro Telecom

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